Prague-Modřany railway station

The station dates back to 1937. It is situated on an elevated site overlooking the Vltava River and the panorama of its left bank. Its simple architecture consists of a flat roof supported by a metal structure. Even a mere train station can be addressed with architectural invention, becoming an artistically interesting place, albeit surrounded by multi-lane traffic and amidst multi-level, cold concrete masses.

Pavel Hošek

Pavel Hošek’s sculptural works thematise the process of the de-materialisation of space or its conscious experience. He often changes the state of a space with an inconspicuous intervention that makes a passer-by experience the atmosphere of the place in new visual contexts. He hung a metal Frame in the platform space of the architecturally simple Prague-Modřany train station. It thus highlights its distinctive character – as a place of both observation and rest . In conjunction with the character of the place, it evokes the lightness of an excursion atmosphere. “The river corridor is lined with train + tram lines, a cycle path where there is a constant bustle. However, the elevated platform calms this movement and also raises the possibility of observation and concentration. It offers interesting views of both the landscape and the inner perspective and tectonics of the platform pillars.” (PH, 2022) The placement of Frame stirs the strict tectonics of the platform’s interior space and makes one aware of the differences in the perception of time and movement: “Contrasts of the speed of the river flow, the moving train, the speed of the clouds, a bike… Arrival – departure, start – destination. All this can be observed here and the frame-window can amusingly stage it.” (PH, 2022) Due to the impossibility of finding an intersection/compromise between the requirements of the railway administration in terms of the parameters of artistic realisation and the possibility of the artist to modify his work of art, the work is only available in virtual reality during the festival.

Authors of video-visualization: Vojtěch Pollák, Richard Janeček  

Implementation team

Artistic director:
Čestmír Suška

Dagmar Šubrtová and Iva Mladičová

Manager of production:
Ivana Vodičková

Klára Sofie Střihavková

Dan Toman, Josefína Frýbová,
Jarka Janíčková

Technical manager:
Martin Pertl

Grafic design:
Jáchym Moravec and David Babka

Simona Sušková

Special thanks to:
Miroslav Bílek, Blanka Němcová, Vojtěch Pollák, Richard Janeček, Matěj Remeš, Rebeka Široká, Matyáš Kořínek, Vladislav Tesárek – Kladenský pivovar


The patronage of the m3 Festival was kindly accepted by:

Mgr. Milan Volf
Mayor of Kladno

Doc. Ing. arch. Petr Hlaváček
Deputy head of the city of Prague

MgA. Hana Třeštíková
Councilor of the city of Prague

Czech Chamber of Architects

MgA. David Kašpar
Deputy Mayor of District P10

Mgr. Ondřej Kolář
Mayor of District P6

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